the front

I have been battling the light again

As it lays bare all my foibles and mislaid plans

Tears into the home of my heart

And leads me into blinding strangeness

Everything that is familiar

I do not enjoy

There is no love for me in this common heart

I would learn what it is to hear

Another beating

What have I learned except

The things men create

Are broken by other men

Then rebuilt again

What do I know except this heart


Still hopes to love again

Yet shelters itself against the light

Which exposes all its foibles and mislaid plans

To feel light and young

One needs not to know youth

One needs to know truth

And the bearings of one’s own soul

Which will lead into the light

Which instead of laying bare

Wraps in the delight and levity of soul

Which photosynthesizes and enraptures

All the dearness and joys of the world

Wrapped within the heart.