the mouse in the missile

“Commander, we found a mouse in the missile,”

She said.

“Well, then it can’t be launched,”

He said.

“For the sake of the mouse or mankind?”

Asked she.

“No, for the sake of the missile.”

Said he.

“Well what will happen to the mouse?”

“It will have to be decommissioned.”

“And the missile?”

“As well.”

“And mankind?”

“That I cannot answer, only it is to be watched.”

“Observe and learn?”

“No, just watched. There is no way to tell.”

“So the mouse? Where will it go after decommission?”

“Where all mice go. To carve holes in the moon made of cheese.”

“And the missile? Where will it go?”

“It will be taken apart and its parts used for new missiles. Except for the uranium, which will go to the sea.”

“And mankind, where will it go?”

“Once again, nobody knows.”






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