Things you should know about me

Sometimes I cry for no reason

But usually it’s because my mom’s not here

And I miss her

So very much

Sometimes I will need to be held and comforted then

And even though you didn’t know her

You know me

And I am solid and true

Like the air in of the blue sky

That sustains you

Some days I just want to be alone

Far far away from people

Some days I want to be with millions of friends

Some days I just want you

I had an abortion once

It wasn’t the right time

It wasn’t the right guy

Now you know

I didn’t think I’d miss you very much

But I miss you a whole hell of a lot

Like crazy sometimes miss you

I still feel I have a long way to go knowing myself

Before I can be with anyone

But I feel you are like me and you know this

It makes me feel scared and vulnerable to say these things to you

I wish you were here.


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