A long hiatus

For many reasons…one, being a park ranger.  I was without internet service most of summer.  I still wrote.  One of my younger colleagues walked by while I was on my porch and stated, “You’re writing something? And no one’s going to read it?”  Well, not until the end of summer at least.  Then I moved. I moved to Maui.  One of my favorite places on earth. Yet today I am homesick.  I miss the big mountains, the big dreams. Big trees.  I miss my fellow ranger friends.  I have a few new ones, but I am still getting used to this place.  I need some camping companions.

So far, so good.  I am a part-time worker, but I am permanent. My first permanent position with parks.  I know I will get another part-time job.  During training though, I have not been in any rush.  I’m still at 4 days a week mostly, and after being on island just over 3 weeks, it’s left precious little time. After purchasing a car (a brand new one–yikes– but at least no maintenance issues yet).  I will likely put in some real effort post holi-daze.

As usual, I am distracted.  Tons of things to do, not enough to do. Overwhelmed.  I love outrigger paddling, but I skipped it this morning.  I’ve been moving, keeping busy,  but I need to make more friends.  Gonna start some yoga soon I think. And capoeira is not TOO far.  Yet I’m still trying to get away from so much driving.  Right now I drive every day to work, and twice a week in the opposite direction to paddle.

There will be pictures at this point.  For now, I prefer to keep this my private journal space.  I met a new friend, he’s coming over today.  He has lived here 4 years, and has no Thanksgiving plans.  He may come along with me and the paddling crew for Thanksgiving.  So far, just the one new friend outside of work.  Hopefully, there will be some kind of holiday gathering soon to meet more folks.

Part of the problem is, I am still shy.  I went to the pub last night to just get out of the house, but also am realizing that most of the people I want to meet are not there.

I’m holding out for teaching anthropology or maybe even environmental education.  I need more outdoors time than I currently have.  I miss doing research.  I thought at one point I would like to go to New Zealand for a PhD.  Yet if I’m this homesick here, imagine New Zealand! Plus big quakes.  I’d hafta become an expert in seismology.  Which I wouldn’t mind.

I love my work, but primarily I remit fees and issue permits, which means I spend a lot of time in the office.  So far, paddling is my outlet.

This is going to be one of my more boring posts, I realize.  Yet I needed to get some of this out.  I needed to get out of the house for some perspective.  Thank God the coffee house had gluten-free waffles.  Home-made waffle and a double refill coffee for $7.50. Not bad.   Maui isn’t that heinous.

Well, at least now I’m inspired to do my errands. Was not before.  Happy days…






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