Through the Unknown

A moment to free write, I take.  Rare inspiration as of late. Perhaps it is the emotional upset of insecurity surrounding my state of Self.  Somewhere, in a dream I heard it said that ‘self-esteem’ is a made up word we use to (I don’t remember). The latest upset caused a major overhaul with my online presence.  I closed several major social media sites along with un-publishing everything on my Blogspot site (I set that up in 2008). 

I am finding it a strange challenge to unload the internet. To move to something new and start over with a new set of ideas not bogged down with the past angst and uncertainty and spelling errors and bad writing. As I sit in front of a new iMac and 21-inch screen I struggle to fill the whitespace.  Yesterday, I had no problem tapping out 762 words in 20-minutes on!

The diagnostics are in. I am sad. Just plain sad according to the analytics of the site. The only good news from the data is I am fully present. Not living in the past or dreaming of a pink fluffy future that by all accounts never is.

All I can do is not hold my breath through this.  Eat the yogurt in the fridge and make the vegetable and fruit juice smoothies I said I would. But first – the fruit flies must be dealt with.  So there you have it, a quickie-post on yet again the same topic: A Day in the Life of Me.

I shake my head as I type this out so quickly. A bit of rambling, I know. I do apologize if this begins to sound a bit nutty. I can already feel tension lift as I get ready to press the Publish button.

 If this is the first time you’ve read one of my posts on here, you’ll see I post every so often. Thank you for reading, commenting, and anything else you do to show your appreciation for what you’ve just read.  (Even if it’s a quick, “Put your big-girl pants on and get outside!“)




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