boots in the sand

I threw half my soul into the sea that day

Spirit cleansed

Beliefs renounced

He dug his steel toes into the water’s edge

And said

Some people say I’m on the spectrum

I’m on a break

I work construction

It’s only the sea

I understand

It’s only the sea

Understanding me

We gazed awhile

The surf quenching, wrenching

I told him to let the people be

We all need to sort it out ourselves

He seemed to think that was all right

Ions smashed and whirly-birds dove

Nature lent a hand

For in all our lives

As difficult as they were

We landed on this sand

Forced to flee a forbidden sea

From whence came life

Came you and me

Rolling casually through the sky

The sun cast an eye

But did not dare impose

Our gaze encompassed ebbs and flows

Why are we here

Thought rather than said

And at this moment

All thoughts were read

We are here to be

In this moment

We are free.





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