water and sky and life

My dreams were so intense this morning.  I had promised myself I would not sleep in so much, and yet my dreams kept me sailing on a visual sea from which I could not leave.

In the first set I was on a highway in Washington, in which I’ve never been, except for in my dreams.  I was with my father, and we were traveling to check out places he could retire. I’ve dreamed of this particular location at least three times, yet after living in Washington, I still don’t know that it exists, at least precisely as my mind’s eye envisions it.

Green tunnels of leaves hug the road for miles and the destination, while known, is not visible until you directly come across it.  There is a very small town where people are friendly.  A little restaurant does not open until 6 pm, but when it does has the loveliest homemade food made by the sweetest lady in the world.

We drive on and reach the second setting.  I have left my father somewhere behind, I don’t know where.  Maybe he has opted to stay in the small boarding house in the small town.  I am looking at pictures, my ex boyfriend is in them and he is in a lake near Mt. Rainier.  All of a sudden I am in the pictures, in the lake.  It is shivery cold but gorgeous, and the cliff walls on one side of the lake reach right into the sky.  Again, I have never been there in real life. I have seen Mt Rainier Nothing particularly engaging happens between my ex and me. We are just there, with  others, enjoying the lake and the sky.

I have to leave again.  I’m in a hospital-like building, but in the dream, my brother’s cousin lives there.  My nephew suddenly appears, and I cuddle him like he’s still little (but in reality too) he’s full grown.  Then I say, “I have to go visit my grandmother.”

In my car, I can barely see out of it. I feel like the steering wheel is hard for me to see over and keeps moving further away from me. I’m growing tired, and I need to stop, but I can’t find a place to pull over.  I have to wait for awhile for my grandmother once I reach the destination, so I decide to head west. I follow the parking lot to the beach and nearly drive over a cliff because what I see before me is visually so stunning.

At the base of the cliff is a small winding road, and across that road the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in my life.  The beach is a perfect deep “u” shape with the whitest sand I’ve ever seen.  Against one side is a steep steep cliff, also reaching directly into the sky.  The turquoise water forms perfect white crests, set after set flowing easily across the soft white sand.  I cannot drive there easily, so I decide to hike down the cliff I’m on to get to the other side.

I wake up. If I keep my eyes closed, I can still see the beach, the blues, the whites, the deep deep cliffs and sea foam.   I stay this way for as long as possible.  I think I will use this as my “place” of meditation from now on.




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