Pain wrestles with my brain and douses my ignition with a waterfall of tears.  So difficult to thinking positively when one hurts.  So more friendly eating this week.  Steadily developing an addiction to chamomile being that I’m sans wine.  Another drs appointment next week to figure out whether or not to pull the plug on the old gallbladder.  I think I know the answer.

I went to the Lithuanian festival in Los Angeles this week.  Amazing time.  So reminds me of being in Europe. The primary language is even Lithuanian, most people speak that to you first.  I would love to learn the dancing.  It’s amazing. And the food! Oh of course the food. Because the church offers language lessons, I could see that also being fun.  More people speak Dutch than Lithuanian, so I would be learning an even more secret language.  I could use some more flowery language here, but I’m tired, so I’ll save it for the next post.  An excuse to write tomorrow.

This may be part of the reason my gallbladder is so displeased with me currnetly.  I don’t usually post any pix because I choose to live (semi) anonymously in this blog, since most of you who read it haven’t met me in person.  Not that I wouldn’t like to meet some of you in person someday.  I would love that very much.

Yet for now my semi-anonymity allows me to feel at least a sense that I can write anything I want, that my free writes are not limited by my insecurities.  Except they completely are because sometimes I do feel I’m a bit of a mess.

Well, I am battling feeling of fatigue and the strong temptation to watch another episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.  OK, costuming wins.  Ms. Fisher wins.  One can only give up so many vices in one week.


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