For many reasons over the last few years, my QL has suffered abuse and must now rest and be healed.  Livestrong has some of the best and quickest exercises to learn: I’ve been doing these along with the stretches my chiro gives me.  http://www.livestrong.com/video/1007920-stretch-quadratus-lumborum/

And for those of you wondering what your QL is, wikipedia does give a great concise description. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.QL

In a way, I’m grateful for the time to reflect at a point where I really need more calm and quiet in my life. I’m not thrilled with the accidents that got me here, but I’m happy to be alive and refocusing my purpose.

I’m also detoxing this week (and the next 3 if I can keep up the pace).  My detox is fairly easy and one I got when I was suffering gall bladder pain.  It’s super easy: no dairy, gluten, alcohol, or caffeine.  Boost fish and greens intake.  Lots of beets marinated in lemon juice.  Apples and pears. Tons of water. Sorted. I’ve not managed to eliminate the caffeine yet, but have been decreasing my intake.  I’ve done it before, and had more energy and lost weight too.

I know it seems ridiculous to publish these baby steps: but that’s what’s getting me through at the moment.  Grand thoughts of PhDs and gilded lectureships are back burnered.  So is the job search, for now.  Just health and healing and trusting that a better purpose will come at the end of it all.

Oh, and a lot of bloody meditation.


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