I woke up two hours earlier than yesterday, still not early, which was two hours earlier than the day before, which was two hours earlier than the day I landed. Jet lag takes its toll when one is out of shape.  Out of shape both mentally and physically.  It’s a good thing I work from home.

My body begged for it so I did about an hour of yoga this morning.  Just remembering the poses that feel good. Surprisingly child’s pose is the only one which caused any pain as my left calf is swollen.

Continuing to seek out the positive…The trip with Esposo was a difficult one.  Some  happy memories, other times fighting.  Never a true reprieve I felt.  I brought my tablet, not my laptop.  I didn’t plan to be away for so long and didn’t imagine I would miss so much writing.

I did a lot of reading though, including Cuba Diaries: An American Housewife in Havana.  My copy had some editing issues but was otherwise an excellent read and a really insightful glimpse into Cuban life.  Throughout, the author (who uses a pen-name) acknowledges her privilege in the community, while highlighting the struggles of those less fortunate than herself.  It was overall a powerful message and I’m glad the U.S. stance on Cuba is (albeit slowly) changing.

I couldn’t help but compare and realize the things I missed from the mainland while traveling, and how we as Westerners often take conveniences for granted. The main convenience I missed was paying a reasonable price for produce, until I remembered I knew where to shop and find the deals.

We also camped a good deal of the time, and while it was fun, it took its toll on my back and legs, which I did not adequately stretch on a daily basis, after a very minor injury.  Will get back to normal on that count as well…

So back to the drought. There is a drought in Hawai’i as well. However, it is much drier in California (I need to use lotion and conditioner again), and the situation just feels desperate.  I still can’t believe that people refuse to conserve water, and it drives me bonkers.

I of course am craving the mists of the Northwest, but my friends there tell me it is dry too and not to get my hopes up.

Well, in the meantime I’ll just continue to write. It’s not always interesting but it is always here.

Ramble on…


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