perfect, not so much

You’d like to believe, reading everyone’s facebook pages, and twitterfeeds, and beautiful lovely food blogs (they are lovely–nothing wrong with that), that life is wonderful, simple and perfect, if you just have the right clothes, the right spouse, the right children–the right recipe.

What is that recipe, I’d like to know?

This year has been a tough one, but not especially for me.  My uncle (who is/was my favorite uncle) was arrested on New Year’s Eve 2014. He is 75 years old and has blood cancer. He will never be a free man again. He made some huge mistakes.

I just learned a (former) friend of mine was arrested for inappropriate behavior with some of his HS students.

HELLO, WORLD! Did you not watch the news EVER?! Did you not think this could happen to YOU?!  I am so deeply saddened at the behaviors of people I care deeply for.  This is a tough one.  You can care deeply for people who are ROYALLY $%&*ed up.Yes, I can write out expletives, but I choose not to, to help my sane relatives who read this.

BUT C’MON YOU GUYS REALLY. ESPECIALLY in this day and age when EVERYTHING you do is recorded, when you record yourself doing inappropriate things, do you REALLY REALLY live in a fantasy world?

I have my issues. My marriage is not perfect, my body is not perfect, I tell the occasional dirty joke (when no one’s recording me, but I’m also not a schoolteacher…).  Sometimes I think I’m super naive in expecting everyone to have the same set of inherent values with which I was raised.

And NEWS FLASH: I’M NOT A CHRISTIAN. I’M AN ATHEIST. If this is difficult for you to deal with, you may choose to read another blog. If you try to convert me, I will elude you forever.  Now back to the point.

I guess some people figure it’s worth a try.  After a friend’s husband propositioned me, I gave him the Are you kidding? face. He promptly said, “I’m just kidding.” OF COURSE you were.

Ugh. I’ve just had enough. The world is full of these nasty grievances, incest and murder and overall despicable behavior.  Why anyone needs to read it in literature is beyond me.  Unless they can never learn.  When will we ever learn?  Don’t get me wrong.  La Boheme is one of my favorites and I relish, in a way, the struggle.

But need it always be a struggle? Why is it so difficult to just be well?

Stick to your convictions. As long as those don’t lead to convictions.

PS. If you name is Anthony Weiner, you may especially want to turn off your phone.


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