The island

Here is where we became engaged

Here is where we disengaged

Where the light fluttered stuttered and went out

Here is where all hope turned to doubt

Here the noise in my brain

Said never ever again

Not this same pain

Not this same pain

Here is where I learned to bear

Everything I could not share

All the things I held inside

All the things to save my pride

Here is where the heavens burst

And I realized I had been cursed

But the power to free me is mine

And that power is one divine.


2 thoughts on “The island

  1. Drifting in the a mind after reading (Hope the coming days pick up for you, cheers.)… Yes, the power is yours, island, paradise, utopia, they’re such opening expressions upon and beneath two such wondrous blues with their sweeping, their ever changing hues, like life between drought and storm, a bit of bushwalking, trekking, goes a long way to untethering the divine inside heart and mind.

  2. Cheers Sean. An awakening, yes. I feel life is ever-awakening. These days are the same as others; just with a different hue. My heart is the same, my mind sometimes falters, but here I am in truth, in spirit, always in the moment; whether the moment is blue, grey, or maroon.

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