I wish

I wish at some point someone would’ve told me, “You won’t get most things right the first time you do them. You probably won’t even get it right by the 10th time.  Getting it right means practicing hundreds of times, sometimes over many years.”

My life has taken many twists and turns, and I know from the exterior I don’t have any of the things that constitute success: a stable career, children, a home of my own.

But when I search my own place, my heart, I find I am good. I spent the day doing something I am not very good at and getting only marginally better: speaking Spanish.  This is supposedly the language of my heritage and I am extremely terrible at it. Embarrassingly so, especially compared to my Dutch. I lived in Holland, so I’m more fluent there.

This Spanglish we speak in California still gets me though.  And people speak so FAST! Sometimes it is easier to understand my Colombian friends than my Mexican ones, I must admit.

But I digress…or do I?  I love my heritage. It is a PART of who I am, but does not wholly comprise me…who is growing at every moment. And hopes to do so the rest of my life.


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