tide alive

An ancient sea

And here I was in the hills

Gazing out

My mind flying free with the waves

A ranch, just over there,

Some of its horses charged through

Over and up hills and neighing at the tide

A small house, my rental,

A place at the edge of the world.

Tucked between mountains and desert and sea

People flocked and webbed on the strand

But my house stood as lonely as a sigh.

I knew my aunt was inside, and my mother

Then suddenly a mass of planes

One from every era it seemed

Charged overhead and one dropped,

Almost dreamlike, because it was,

Just past the border of the backyard

I yelled for my phone then grabbed it myself,

Wary about charging toward the site

But needing to know all was ok.

A man, groaning inside,

Two collies, and a tiger, a tiger?

“I knew you were going to wonder about that.”

He said as I was calling it in.

I wanted to go to the strand, to the horses,

But now here I remained for awhile.

The plane did not alight, as I feared.

But I’d have to stay awhile,

The ancient sea roaring a beckon

In my ears.


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