What if you could stand outside yourself

To realize exactly who you are

And what you need

To know it’s not about the PhD


Or about the awards on the wall

Or the late notice notices

Or the date on the certificate

That tells you when you were born

Or the neighbor’s dog

Late on a Sunday night

Barking you awake

Or the travels

Near and far

The mileage on your car

The need to succeed

To find that one fleeting thing

That will always flee before you

There is always the dance

Even when the tango is

A no-go

There is always that landscape

Which will take your breath away

And never look the same

In a photo in a frame

There is the life that surrounds you

When your need is stuck

And your hopes are few

There is always you

There is always you


One thought on “portrait

  1. When I was at yoga on Saturday morning, the instructor shared something from Buddha.
    It went something like this: “I want happiness” The Buddha says when you get rid of the ego (I), get rid of desire (want) then you have happiness.

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