the incredible shrinking uterus

I just became aware that my uterus is shrinking. The good news, a cyst I had in my right ovary shrunk significantly from last year.  And, I probably won’t have to have my gallbladder out, if I continue to eat healthfully.

There is, however, a new cyst on my cervix. From the sound of it, it’s nothing I have to be immediately concerned about, but I still have an appt with a specialist in a couple weeks.

Strange days.  Woke up feeling like #$%& today.  Had red wine last night for the first time in weeks.  Thinking of going of the stuff altogether.  Couldn’t sleep well, had frustrating thoughts, wanted to punch something.

Well, I’ve never had kids so hope it is not peri-menopause. If it is, guess I’ll start looking into adoptions.

It’s hot outside and the Santa Ana winds are a-blowin’.  Could be contributing to my agitated state of mind.  Strange days indeed.  Not too much new to write.  For the most part, optimistic about life. Dreaming of Hawaii.


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