It’s really easy to overdo it when you first start exercising again.  I’ve been swimming every day, and now I’m trying the occasional bike ride.

Last time I went out I got about halfway up the final hill and decided to walk.  No need to be a hero and over do it, I thought.  This time I got a better start and was on the other side of the path, which is more even.  I went for it.  Wow did I scare the %^&* out of myself at the top.  I could barely breathe.

I came straight in, collapsed on the sofa, and asked dad to bring me a juice.  The thing is, when you’ve been at an athletic level, then taken a break from exercise, it’s really easy to think you can just jump back on that bike again and tackle hills like you did before.  A few things I didn’t consider:

1) I am definitely older than when I biked on a regular basis

2)  I usually street rode, not mountain biking like I did today

3) This frame is very heavy. This is a nice, sturdy, bike.  Great for running errands in town, and, being a hybrid, I can take it on trail.  However, its weight going uphill is much heavier than I’m used to.

4) Bright colored bike shirts are great so people can see you on the road.  The synthetic fabric, does not, however, breathe.  (Don’t let those holes poked around the armpits fool you.  The fabric doesn’t breathe enough, period.  I don’t care what anyone says.)

Well, that’s my case for starting things over.  This could be relevant to many things.  Take it easy on yourself.  Don’t force things all at once.  Breathe.  Stop and smell the roses, and all that #$%&.


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