morning ride

I struggle to wake

Today will not be the day

To leave off coffee

Crazy dog barked since 4am

Crazy dreams did not let

My mind rest

It is safe here in bed

Safe and perfectly temperate

No one can hurt me here

I can just stay

There is a newish bike outside

I haven’t used as much

And a newly opened trail

Calling my name

I always think better in nature

So after a quick slug of coffee

(I’ll need to buy more)

I pump up the tires and ride

This is near an old sanitorium

The smell of morning fresh fennel

Hits my nose

It is pleasant although I know

The plant itself is invasive

Some abandoned buildings

This is nearby an old sanitorium

What appears to be a seed barn and

Other agricultural buildings

Possibly not part of the mental hospital

But creepy none the less

I wonder how anyone could hang around

Long enough

To spray paint their insides

Much less climb over the fence

I remember why I don’t like this shifting system

A blister has formed on my thumb

The trail road is bumpy so I ride faster

Back on the main route

The cars whiz by

You people just don’t get it

I’m sure they think the same about me

Yet still whizzing from place to place

Never seeing what is in between

A vast and empty life with only destinations

And no filler

None of the stuff

Which makes us rich and bold and free

This last hill is a trial

I will walk it

Not a hero today

Much better at swimming these days

And the thoughts race in

Where can I go to be free

Or am I already here


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