less amazing today

Today I will be slightly less amazing.  Work on the PhD app, work on employment apps to get me through in the meantime.

Today I had grand plans.  The corporate HQ for one of my favorite outdoor clothing brands is nearby, and they have openings.  They might hire a waylaid ranger, right?  If I get accepted into a PhD program, it is a short term

But right now my period and gallbladder pain have the better of me, and my body is telling me to rest.  I may swim later, or just go float around in the pool, but for now, rest.  And working on dreams.

When I first started anthropology, I wanted to become an ethnobotanist.  I wanted to spend my days in the forest, with indigenous peoples, learning their treatments for everything.  Finding a cure for something maybe.  Oh, anthropologists are such colonialists! Still!

Now I want to be on the ocean, doing disaster research. This project is right up my alley.  It combines work with people, and topography and oceanography to look at rising sea levels.  I don’t know if I’ll get accepted to the program, or if then, I’ll be able to pull off the funding.  Yet it is exciting to try.

For right now, coffee and ibuprofen. I’m not very hungry, but a little bit of apple is helping my strength right now.  Yes, I know coffee can make cramping worse, but to go without would give me a massive headache and that I just don’t need.

Just got a call from the National Association of Professional Women.  What a scam. ” My application had been accepted…” They wanted $$$ of course.  Thankfully I was able to get rid of them fairly easily, although they don’t make it sound like a sales pitch at first.

So yes, just a little less fabulous than usual today.  Yet the coffee is finally kicking in…oh it’s gonna be a great day.

Well, and so…let’s do this.


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