7 am walk

I am not a morning person, and so was surprised when I was wide awake and alert at 6am.  Unemployment has really screwed with my schedule, but I think I deal with mornings better without Esposo around.  Mornings are when I try to avoid him by sleeping in.  Terrible practice.

So, having the time to myself, I was on a walk by seven.  Magical number, that.  I was supposed to accompany Dad walking to work, but he remembered he needed his car for materials.  Jeebus I’ve gotten boring.

But write…write a little every day.  Yesterday I cried until I  thought my eyes would fall out of my head.  Of course, I’d be in the middle of something, and feel it, spontaneously coming on.   So I wrote to keep myself from falling into a heap of despair.

Today I will make some progress on my PhD application.  Even if I’m not sure it’s what I want anymore, if I don’t put in I won’t have the option for later.

So a walk. 3 downward dogs only as the apartment was muggy when I got back.  Opened all the windows and put on the fan, while it’s still cool-ish right now.

It will be nice when the drought ends.  Every day this summer has been oppressive, and I woke finding myself with little to look forward to.  Wow, I should subtitle this the grammatical error post.

Last night was seared ahi on a bed of fresh spinach.  I love eating this way again, and again, it’s easier to prepare my own food here. Oh, so nice.

Maybe I will find some girly movies to watch or tackle another book today. Reading is definitely better, but film keeps my own thoughts from spinning away. I’ve been on the computer, searching and applying for jobs, and I’m bored and tired of that.  I need a fresh approach, some awakening time today, even if that means a nap!
Then there’s hula later…thank goodness.


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