swimming in drag and NO BS

May be a little OD on posting today, but I’m feeling a more positive vibe, because, of course, I just exercised! Exercise is key to ANY recovery.

Swimming has been therapy for me for over a year now.  When I swim, I’m in peace, and rarely is anyone yammering at me, and if they are, I can’t hear them.  Also, it relieves the pain from my old injury.  In the past 2 months though, I’ve been very poor with exercise and nutrition (hence depression and putting up with more BS than I should).

Going into the 3rd year of the drought, though, and currently having an outside pool available, I’m super conscious about UV.  So I wear a long-sleeved rash guard. Since I’ve been swimming a few days in a row, now, I’m getting faster.  The rash guard also adds drag, and slows me down, but will help me with muscle development in the long run.

I’d cut backstroke out of my routine, frankly because it’s hard to stay straight in non-flagged, non-laned pool, but also, even with goggles, the sun shines in my face.  I’ve incorporated it back in because I need to use those muscles, and my heart let out little sparks as I saw fountains of water trail from my arms and catch the light.  It was good to swim.  Very good.

While it’s a bit of a pain to be living with a parent while in my 30s, I am grateful there is a saline community pool in this place.  Saline for my sanity.  As fall approaches I may need the rash guard for a 3rd reason….warmth.

Now I’m going to run errands with dad and come back this evening–just to veg out.  Maybe watch Populaire or some other nonsense that suits my mood.


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