Shoes as instruments of torture

I’m going to my HS reunion in a little more than a week.  I refuse to buy a new dress, but it appears a new pair of shoes to go with said dress is necessary. Impossible to find formal shoes that suit. When I input  “shoes as instruments of torture” into google, I received an editorial from nearly 30 years ago, that made me want to applaud, and cry.  How come we haven’t come very far in 30 years?

Hooray Paula M Hirschoff!

Maybe I should get on that right away…I’m not a shoe designer BUT…comfortable formal shoes.  Some exist, they’re not great.  Paula says it best, “Unfortunately, women’s susceptibility to men’s desires for them to appear sexy and helpless is the reason such fashions as the corset and foot binding lingered as long as they did. Shoes in which women must totter, rather than walk, do not appear to be on the way out.” Poo.


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