…being scared can be good.  It means you are alive.  Someone once told me [fear] would make a good movie 20-years from now… those moments that propel us to move forward through the the great unknown. 

These days, it seems my great unknown stems from a change in the direction the wind is blowing. My ship has turned north, literally.  I have been at the border of Texas and Mexico for 4 years now. If all goes according to plan I may be living along the Canadian border.  That is a pretty big change, wouldn’t you agree? Not only in climate but in culture as well.  

I have lived mostly in the Southwest region of the United States, New Mexico and California with a small stint in New Jersey.  I have grown up with a southwest feel to everything. Relatively calm environment, people, food, etc. One fear I have is that I won’t fit in – odd to say and somewhat irrational. 

Anyone else experience an irrational fear?

This last half of 2014 is a bit of a waiting game, which in itself brings about its own set of strange fears and worry.  Changes used to bring about excitement and wonder and good feelings… the older I get the less excitement and wonder arises.  Instead, life changes weigh more now and you almost have to calculate in order to get a positive or favorable result from it.  

Thanks for reading, 


Image credit blog.cristianismeijusticia.net

Image credit blog.cristianismeijusticia.net

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