the doldrums

Image courtesy of A Neotropical Savanna.

It’s weird being unemployed with so much going on recently.

I got back 2 days ago from a 2.5 day trip out to the boonies to retrieve some stuff. It feels good to have that over, but all the driving took it out of me and I slept a lot yesterday.

It’s bloody crazy hot here, and the riptides are dangerous, so no going to the beach for me. I keep reminding myself it’s my healing time, it’s OKAY to not have much/anything to do. I still apply for jobs on a near daily basis. The annoying thing is that each jobsite has a different application process, so I end up filling out a lot of forms online. Discouraging.

I had a friend encourage me last night to pursue teaching. He said he knew I wasn’t happy in corporate, and feared I might get stuck there. I hear him, but I still crave that stability more than anything and the corporate route may provide more immediate employment. I can still do the things I love to do in my spare time. But I still plan to enroll in classes come fall if I have no permanent employment–it just makes sense.

Right now, the health care issues we face in the States are just silly and ridiculous. Health care should not be attached to employment at all, SCOTUS, really? It’s all so redundant and sad. Not to mention every time I see this acronym, I think of scrotum, an entirely different thing altogether, and funnily enough, a good place to start a conversation on contraception.

So while feeling like a Lethargian from the Phantom Tollbooth (every time I go outside I feel I will melt), I cannot help but notice the others racing like mad around me. When I did drive back from the boonies, the Southern California trend of cutting everyone off and utilizing the almighty finger while illegally chatting on their mobiles really frustrates me. So little regard for human life! And yet I bet these are the same people rallying behind the SCOTUS decision, anti-contraception and anti-abortion.

It’s not that I feel that abortion is the best option. It’s just that I would never dare to presume what might be done to someone else’s body. And if we deny them contraception, the rate of abortions go up. So let’s think this through a little people.

One of the reasons I miss Europe so terribly is the single-payer healthcare. Out healthcare in the US should NOT be tied to our jobs. By that standard alone, employers feel they have the RIGHT to tell us what treatments we can and cannot access, and I don’t think it will stop at contraception. Huge slippery slope.

So I will sit here in the heat, reading and daydreaming about living in a place where I never had to drive, my appointment information was deposited directly in my mail slot by my personal dr. (who also made house calls), and praying I won’t have to wait several months before I see any rain. Climate change deniers can kiss my little tookus, but don’t get me started. That’s another post altogether, and this one is already all over the place.


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