Well, since Objective #1 is over, now I can write a bit, then deal with Objective #2 later.  Warning, this will be a pretty boring post, I may just be venting some frustration here.

Objective #1: Go through all the stuff at the place I was supposed to reside this summer and decide what to take with me.  As I may have limited space, I have sorted through to see if there is anything I can donate/mail to myself.  Lessons from living in Hawai’i: you can mail things to yourself!

Objective #2: (The hairier of the 2). Go to my former residence with my former landlady and pick up the husband’s belongings.   Why am I doing this? Why is he not himself? The whys add up to over an entire month, numerous arguments, and frustrations. So I won’t go into it.  Apparently the new guy who lives there is upset about the 3 boxes that were left behind.  I don’t blame him.

However, this is a small town.  I was told by my landlady she would not likely be renting the place out and so in light of other concerns (including my own health), I let this one fly.  I contacted her as often as possible to let her know when I could drive up there.  (Husband kept promising to make plans, he has the larger vehicle, but never did). The guy wants her to be there when I pick stuff up, so it was based on both her schedule and my schedule (and both of us having other commitments 4+ hours away).

I understand his concern, but there was so much @#$% in there when we moved in we had to restore and pack up an entire room.  We got an ok deal on the place in return.  This is a very small town, where this thing happens all the time, everyone knows each other, and it’s never a big deal.

I can’t believe I’m letting this stuff get to me, but it does, and I guess, overall, I’m always concerned what other people think of me.  I plan to  go into my former place of work, introduce myself to him, and give him some cookies.  I’ll make arrangements to get the stuff myself, so landlady does not have to be there.

Well, we’ll just see what happens.  If I gained a forever enemy, it happens.  I’m willing to face the music, though, and take whatever this guy has to give me.

Since I’m anxious about this, I’ll use this space to write out a bit of what I plan to say.  “I’m very very sorry to leave belongings at your house.  It’s not my style, and in fact, the things aren’t mine, but I’m picking them up to alleviate (landlady’s) mind and so you don’t have to get rid of them.  Many apologies, and if there’s anything I can do for you in the future, please feel free to ask.”

Something like that….grrrr. Annoying.



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