the boob tube

Ahhhhhh. television.

What a perfect romance, what a perfect drug.  It can reprieve your anxiety (unless you are addicted to those crime/cop shows).

I’ve been reprimanded more than once by friends or family members who are SO UPSET that I don’t watch t.v.  To them, and anyone else paying attention, I say, I DO watch t.v.  The only 2 shows I watch are old episodes of Seinfeld, and the Big Bang Theory.  I like my t.v. funny, but not mindless.  I probably wouldn’t even like BBT that much if I hadn’t been recovering from a severe injury (in which holding a book up hurt), and my husband saying, “I know what will cheer you up.”  You see, he can be very good.

Not that I’m unaware at the not-so-subtle plugs for the Cheesecake Factory on BBT, or the fact that the Seinfeld characters are all privileged and narcissistic.  I have eaten at CF only twice in my life and have nothing to recommend.  (As I enjoy my carotids too much not to plug them up).  Just think of it like pouring bacon fat down your disposal, you wouldn’t do that to your sink, right? So why your body…

But I digress.  Life is depressing enough, awful enough, ADULT enough, that I don’t need to watch power struggles, rapes, and murder (even in a “mythical” format). I just don’t need it.  I follow international news, I’m aware of the horrors that happen around the globe and in my own nation, so why would I subject myself to it as entertainment?  (Not to mention the difficulty of my own daily life, but that is rather prosaic).

Nay, I say, along with the bluehairs demanding their musicals.  Entertainment SHOULD be amusing, BUT substantial. You can have both–you CAN–Roald Dahl exemplified this and that is why he is one of my favorite favorite creatures to ever inhabit the earth.

Now please excuse my ramblings on this site as I use this as my freewrite zone…anything goes.  I have stuff going back decades, and as I sorted through it today, I thought, huh, I MAY post that.  Some of it is quite good.  I definitely think I was better when I was less inhibited than I am now…and WHY…I am more confident in many other things now that I’ve reached mid adulthood.  Just that, well, and now I digress again…perhaps it is the wine.

All this being said, I do not judge those that watch more “boob tube” as my mum used to call it…I DON’T.  I just choose not to, as some people prefer Adidas over Nikes or Coke over Pepsi.  I WILL watch DECENT film, and I mean DECENT.  Romantic comedies do not suit me, despite the fact I am of the “fairer” sex.   A few do, the Audrey Hepburn ones mostly, but I think the majority will bat with me on this one.  A person who is highly engaging to watch.

And ON THAT NOTE, I will watch film purely for aesthetic sometimes.  Even if it is terrible, if there are sweeping views of Ireland, or Hawai’i, or Bangladesh, I WILL watch it.  Sometimes I just need an aesthetic escape, without the $1000 RT price plus lodging and food.

SO SUE ME. I’m a selective tv watcher. I’m not snobby enough to say I don’t watch it.  I don’t OWN one, but that doesn’t matter. I can stream whatever I want through my computer.

And believe it or not, there are still many episodes of Seinfeld or Big Bang that I haven’t seen…maybe I’ll go find one right now.

BTW… the movie “Jackie” with Holly Hunter and those 2 Dutch sisters? Priceless. A winner.  Rent it, and if you don’t like it, I give you permission to hate me forever.


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