no map

No fandangled digital electric

Course guiding hair pulling

Information of geography finding

Device needed on this trip

No unfolding refolding centerfolding

Creasing flopping in wind finding

Use for the campfire cartograph

Needed on this route

No blow by blow internet server directions

Printing out several copies

Because the first one smeared or

Printed on 30 pages when it was supposed to be 3

Intended for the course in which we head

There is no map, they are all imperfect

For the needs of this path which is so uncertain

No amount of hairspray or deodorant packed

Allows for the preparation and skills needed

In these lands.

Starting with compassion and love

And growing from there

Tearing through past justifications

Throwing away baggage no longer needed

Then testing the wings

Yes, perhaps that is all that is needed.





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