not my circus, not my monkeys

(photo credit Ruthie Dean)

I’ve spent the past year learning to focus on self-care; getting wrapped up in what others do is not my business at the moment. (Including my husband…he has a lot of monkeys–mainly on his back).

Got a call from my headhunter today.  The competitor of my previous corporation is interested in my resume (and presumably, by that point, me).  This industry is cut-throat, but they may lose interest once it’s revealed I have no corporate secrets to sell. They have offices in several locations, which means, I COULD go a number of places (including abroad again).

Also been coming up with more writing ideas, which you will see here throughout the summer (unless I get a wicked cool position, then you may see less posting).

I’m getting over my old fear of not being a corporate type. The type of position I’m up for requires more technological expertise and not necessarily hardballing competitors.  I was also afraid I had lost too much of my ability to use the software.  And speaking of monkeys, I think they develop AND run the software, so it’s not difficult to do. Additionally, due to proprietary reasons, the software gets changed every 2-3 years or so, so this MAY prove an advantage in my case, since I’ve been out of the game about 5 years.

Anyway, doesn’t mean I’ve given up on teaching.  This position could earn me enough money to save over 3 years, significant time off,  and go toward future schooling.

It also means hanging out with corporate types in my “free” time. Maybe I’ll get better at golf.

Anyway, writing out my thoughts…even if they are the ramblings of a madwoman, help me straighten things out a bit.

Back to Dad’s next week after I do some final moving of things with the husband.

It never rains, but it pours…


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