Absolute quiet

Thoughts rushing in

Waves crashing and resurfacing my brain

Where there is quiet

Where there is quiet

This tide remains

Starry nights I remember

When my mind wandered without

Pain or duress

Thoughts thrown up to the sky

To blend with stars and give in

Hopes dreams fears

Unleashed in the heavens

Back to back

We dreamed

There were no limits

The edge of the world

The velvet universe

All blending into one

We could just jump

From one to the other

Build our own galaxies

Live as gods

And learn to laugh

At the triviality

of human existence

Others were serious but not we

And we gave in to frivolity

But we struck a balance

When we dared

When it mattered

We truly cared

This life in transit

Where will it lead

One stop next

Then one thereafter

Why get off at the normal stop

Why not take the next and see what happens?


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