early morning dreams

I know it’s been awhile, and there are many reasons for that. Mostly non-public forms of writing as I sort out all the crazy plans in my head. Last night I slept in an unusual bed, which resulted in unusual dreams.  A life led in an alternate universe.  I’ll do my best to put it in a poem to remember, may be written into a short story later.

She was his first and only love

But his mind and heart were restless

And as he roamed the earth he shared his ways

With anyone he felt might help him

She loved him with that first love tenderness

The kind that keeps your heart raw and vulnerable

And since she kept her heart open she was all the more sensitive

To the pain caused by others

They were connected as if in dreams

Rarely together but each time new

And they stayed young

And though her heart ached for him

She stayed put

Painting the sky and mountains

Putting up stars to guide his way

Living with love so intense that

She lived bound to this world

But with a foot in the next

Ever hopeful but always remorseful

And while he loved her more than any other

He was bound to explore

But he took her sensitive heart to all places

So she might see them

And feel the ache he felt

A tempestuous and tormented plight for them both

But one of a love so intense

It held its own through

All the other places and times

It had ever been.


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