I’ve decided things won’t be so crazy this year. They rarely are: the hubster and I don’t have kids, so there isn’t any Santa stuff to worry about. But precisely because we don’t have kids…we are the ones expected to travel everywhere.

Well, it ends now. We are going to see dad for Thanksgiving, and that is it. Dad has been asking me about turkey day since August. With Mom gone he is the one relative I am giving into this season.

Christmas will be spent at home, quietly, likely listening to jazz, maybe or maybe not watching snow fall (we got a good dumping yesterday, but most of it is already melted).

That said, my work here will be sporadic for the most part…I am adjusting to a new work schedule and trying to spend more time away from my eyes glued to the computer.

I have this fantasy about giving up all 21-st century work and fleeing to Ireland to farm sheep. I know it is  a romanticized ideal. Sheep farmers do not have an easy time of it, and they are almost an extinct species themselves…

But still, one dares to dream.  Maybe I’ll pick up an new instrument instead. The husband is saying mandolin; I am thinking glass bells. Just kidding. Enjoy your holiday dreams…


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