I try to keep this blog free of political viewpoints, but I experienced something this week I never thought I would: shame for my country. If you don’t want to read about how horribly I feel U.S. Congresspeople are misbehaving, don’t read further.

Yes, like all other superpowers we’ve raped, pillaged, and made war against other countries. But this time it’s like the United States is declaring war on itself.

In one fell swoop, the House is cutting food stamps to those who most need them, and holding the one real promise this country has had to provide health care for all hostage. Shame on them. Shame and horror. (OK, not ALL house members voted for this. And some demonstrated mightily against it. Still, we know who holds the reins).

I just recently learned that up to 600,000 unemployment checks did not get sent in the State of California this week. WTF is happening here?

Despite having a Master’s degree, I myself had to go on unemployment last year, and my husband and I discussed getting food stamps. Ultimately, the decision: we have family to help us, where many others do not. I decided to file for unemployment anyway because I returned to park rangering last year, and as a seasonal, this is what many of us do.

Now I’m in a state of panic. Not just for myself but because I know there are hundreds of thousands of others like me, and having something I do not: family or friends who are available to help out.

There are times I think of moving back to Europe, where at least our health care was secure, but that only solves ONE problem and there were many governmental issues where we lived in Europe as well (that will have to be another blog post, if I get time for it).

The Republicans are now threatening GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN in a little less than 2 weeks. Just to get what they want. Have we really not advanced past schoolyard bullying? Really? Oh, and Congress members get PAID RECESS the week before then too. So not only are they allowed to shut things down, but in that crucial moment LEAVE and GET PAID FOR IT? OK, they may have business in their home states, but these MAJOR issues which impact the ENTIRE country might be taken into account. Yes, it has always been thus. But in such a dire moment?

And guess what news was read yesterday? Oh yah, we’ve actually gained ground on the deficit. That’s right. All this opposition is occurring, when FISCALLY, the U.S. actually stands to improve its economic situation. Let’s see how much this will set us back.

I am thoroughly disgusted, and, in a way, glad my mother is not around to experience that. It probably would’ve killed her, anyway.

That’s all I can stomach for now. Literally. I had to go to the doc today. GRRRRRRRR


3 thoughts on “soapbox

  1. I am right there with you. This whole movement is thirty years in the making if you take a long hard look at policies and laws that have been enacted and/or “amended” since about 1980. I cannot share more for fear of getting more angry than I already am.

    • I totally agree Kim. It has been long in the making. Beyond frustrating. I was so upset earlier I just had to type something out. I stopped when I felt myself getting “too upset”.

  2. Coming from a different part of the world I can only assure you (if that be of any consolation!) that the viewpoint of the common people about politicians is the same all over.That of a self serving , selfish and possibly corrupt bunch of upstarts who have no sensitivity for the people at large. But believe you me, with all its ills, this is the best system the world has seen. So there…….


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