words I cannot find

This moment when the earth tucks in

With its blanket of cloud and star

I learn to weave my thoughts together

And learn from the great wide hope

A gaping soul-hole

Filled with heaven and earth

I hear the turf thunk

As it hits bottom

And think

I have fallen farther before

I wish for peace

Yet in this moment

The silence is too much for me to bear

For I can hear my soul screaming

In the quiet air

The night is beauty and dream

Yet its softness does not erase

Harsh words and deeds

The wounds of battle

The despair

Man seeks to make sense

Of the senseless

It is to this we owe

Our own duress

There is one path

In which we share

Where we can reveal

All that we dare

And would it be shameful

If we were true to ourselves

Would it be a sin

To think of a better world

From within…


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