FWF: Fall


Prompt this week. Words that entice: foliage and amber. breathe. begin.

It is beautiful tonight and though the air

Casts a slight mystical spell of things to come

I declare

It is summer still

It is summer at least until Sept 22

or until the aspens

cast an amber glow

through the valley

where I wait below

It is summer still

And my heart beats a murmur

Never am I ready

Mother Earth is my advent

I look forward to fall

Hot apple cider cranberries and squash

Yet I delight in these days

Rains have just arrived here

The foliage is still green

And so my heart tells me linger

Outside a little longer

Go to the hills before the snow

Go forget all you know

Dance in the summer thunder


Learn to write about the hour

You were born

Cast me a spell cast me a spell

In the moment in summer

I still do dwell

Autumn shall soon enough have its day

Right now summer

Is still on stage.


4 thoughts on “FWF: Fall

  1. Ah holding onto summer I see. It is nice to enjoy it while we still have it, soon enough we will be able to relish in the glory of fall. Great job!

  2. You beautifully captured the sadness and joy of watching one season end and another begin. Loved the line ‘And so my heart tells me linger’ we should do that more often!

  3. Oh yes, Summer is still on stage indeed! It was a blazing 93 degrees today here in East TN. Whew! I am so ready for cooler weather. And this prompt just made me long for those days more.
    Beautiful piece! Thank you!

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