I do not feel but sense you

Like you know the wind

By observing the reeds

Here we are again

Your thunder-strike eyes

Electrifying my skin

Every breath a wonder

Every wonder a sin

Different voices

In the night

You sense my mood

You know my flight

I’m captured in your snare

You’ve used your brilliant sword

To part the air

You know my heart

And all it reveals

I’m learning your soul

And all it conceals

Bright white light

One moment upon a hill

The air grows dense

You are closer still

You hold me firmly

Yet at just the right length

I fee your gaze

Your lust your strentgh

But here I am mortal

A leaf in your storm

Given to recklessness

Loose in my form

Lay me down gently

Come next to me, here

With tender touch

Replace my fear

I feel your pulse

You reach out your hand

This dance is a waltz

I am at your command

From you I breathe air

From you I am torn

In this moment when all

Elements are born.


2 thoughts on “Rush

    • Not to give away too much–but there was a massive thunderstorm here last night. It did feel romantic. I tried in some means to capture it–it was a strange one.

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