A whisper

Warning, this is a little bit including war…nothing gory and no pictures. Just a commentary on world issues at the moment.

Storm’s settling in…gonna be another night with me and a bowl of homemade veggie chili and a glass of wine. Maybe a classic film. Maybe some more writing.

I feel like my soul is pouring forth recently. It began with a whisper, an inkling of change, like a fairy murmur in my ear. Now it is a gently flowing creek, but I feel the storm a-coming, some rage in its path.

What has been upsetting to me of late? Rock music in the wilderness, (something I’ve ranted about before, so don’t get me started), and the thought of war.

The uncertain, scary, tenuous, thought of war.

Many try to avoid thinking about this, but working, as I do, at an historical site, I think about it daily. The during. The loss of human rights. The loss of human life. The senselessness of it all.

Why I go to work every day is to talk people out of war. To try to effuse some sense of belonging in them. The knowledge that your fellow man is not your enemy due to skin color, ethnicity, politics, or religion. Your fellow man is your enemy due to…greed? Somehow that seems too simple of an answer.

We cannot answer this issue of war. We cannot quell the stirrings of emotion that rise within us when someone speaks of it. We can learn from the past, but do we, do we really, or do we go forth and make a muck of things still?

My understanding, at this point, is that we are able to stall or halt some aggressions based on knowledge. But we are not able to do this everywhere…or for everyone.

My mother had a saying, “Well, you can only do what you can.” But can I do more? Can we all do more?

My heart is overcome thinking of the soldiers and their families, and of the Syrians and their families. Of families around the world who have had to suffer injustice and massacre. Of the senselessness of it all.

Well, there’s no political commentary here. No blow-by-blow of battle scenes and justifications and strikes. Just a sense of staring down a precipice that I see others attempting to jump…

and asking the unanswerable. Yes, I know there are “answers”, “reasons”, and “justifications” and I know the slaughter must be stopped. It must be stopped, and yet more slaughter to come.

Well, now that I’ve left you with that thought I’m going back to my chili and wine to try to forget it all. But I know it will linger in my mind, and I will wonder how this particular “theater” will play out.


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