Today we went to war

And I turned the other cheek

I learned to let my actions override

My ability to speak

What can I say about glorious injustice

Where I can I read more

To teach others

What we might find in our own hearts?

Would I know that soldier if I saw her

Would I be able to face the horrors

We create

Would I see

Would I see


A perfect mirror-image

How can so much pain

Coexist with so much hope

How will we learn to share

This precious volatile planet

And still have more to give

Where is this collective consciousness?

Where are our minds in times like this?
More importantly, where are our hearts?

Would you stay with me

Which you hold my hand

Would you face the place

Where all the bombs land

Would you pray with me

If it meant eternal peace

Is prayer enough

To make these actions cease…

Where will we be my friend

You and I

When dragons and tears fall from the sky

When rage engulfs us

And greed and hate plunder

Hearts and families torn asunder

Will you stay with me

Will you stay with me

Will you stay with me?


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