You don’t write because you have to…

…you write because you NEED to… I can’t remember where I heard that lately but it is true, so true…

That being said, I am guided to write this even though I could wait a day or two… when I have more time, or am less frazzled, but might also forget…my days off are Mon/Tues…so it is easier to write then, but I may as well WRITE RIGHT NOW…

That being said, leads me to Kellie Elmore’s FWF. Here’s the little snippet she planted in our brains THIS week:

I’m going with “Dandelion Season”

Who cannot think but summertime and Dandelion Wine, which Ray Bradbury, made more addictive than tequila, a literary vice?

The summer, the sights sounds and smells of summer, where EVERYONE gets to be young, EVERYONE gets to lay in sprinklers and dare their friends to games of feat…

The summer, where dandelions mash between your toes and you let them grow or your best friend dares you to drink of their milky flesh and you do and then wonder why…or you collect them all and patiently await the end of summer to drink the dandelion wine…

what a bittersweet moment. Do you dare suck the last juice out of summer? What if it  ends the next day and its YOUR FAULT? No groundhog, no weatherman, ever knew the angst of the youngster in the yard…

“Is the end of SUMMER my FAULT?”

What heinous act might you have committed? Why might the spellcheck of heinous irritate you?

Ahhhh, the love, the love of the sweet sweet grass and the smell of dandelion which must smell like a cloud, if a cloud lived on earth.

Heaven is full of dandelions and children. The End.


8 thoughts on “You don’t write because you have to…

  1. This is a free write at its best. You’ve captured the feeling of the season and its desperate ending vividly.

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