steel entwined in gold

This heart is broken

Oh see it does not work

Where it should tick here

It does not

The person is alive still

But only in thought

The heart is not ticking

It’s given up

It’s naught

Oh but you see you can mend it there

Its only a fraction of a hair

Just splice in some steel

Melt it down

It will work perfectly

Better than new

No no don’t you see

Steel is rigid

Gold is fluid

Eventually it will crack again

And we just should

I dunno

Get a new one

Or trade this one in

Get one that’s good

Been tried again and again

No doubt what you say is true

This heart has long had its due

But you see you see

It’s not me to say

But this heart will tick

To live another day

I see what you mean

And in this you’re devout

But what I mean to say

Is throw the whole thing out

It is done, it is sour

Leave it for beasts to devour

It is old, it is done

The battle is already won

No, can’t you tell can’t you tell

This heart would beat still

For another maybe, yes,

This one is done, I confess,

But for another it may yearn

And as it will it burn

To cauterize the dying

And find a new one trying

Oh don’t you see don’t despair

It is is madness you declare

Would another fix the wound

Of a heart so woefully doomed?

Would you dare steer a ship

Whose hull had been burst?

Can you not see,

This heart

It is cursed

That may be it may

But it deserves another day

Please please do not destroy

It is one that will enjoy

Many a grand day ahead…

You can be sure

Just mark its stead

Then steady on lad

If you will

But know it is my heart

That you kill.


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