What I don’t like about most blogs

Including mine

Is the lack of communique

I prefer to to commune with fellows

And while sometimes this happens here

It is often like texting

In which you think

Did they mean to say

What I thought they meant to say

Or rather should I spend the next hour texting

When I could just call

And find out?







3 thoughts on “pensive

  1. After some similar frustration I came to be grateful for the time another person spent to respond to my words at all – something that delights me to this day. When interpretation becomes difficult, a universal ‘thank you’ solves all because it is an appropriate rejoinder to a consideration extended. And so it goes…

  2. I feel the same as Mike as well as you. Since starting my blog, I look to my small cadre of faithful followers (this includes you!) to help me grow as a writer. I know that each of you take the time to write something meaningful in response to a post. I hope that I am doing the same for all of you!

  3. True Mike. I am grateful that anyone reads me at all! (Hopefully I didn’t lose anyone with this post, just a thought that was crossing my head).And I’m always up to interpretation. Thanks for the reminder. And yes, Kim, I can tell your messages are always thoughtful. Great!

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