Forecast: bright sun with thunder

I am rubbing my feet

Thinking if a spa day or

Another soak in the creek

Might be a better idea

Rare days

Where the damp and lightning

Find me in the evenings

Willing to let my feet breathe

My heart breathe

My soul breathe

Giving in to the truly restful state

The days are still scorching here

And now with the humidity virtually unbearable

But those nights

As the earth becomes shrouded

In a grey down blanket

Its seams ripped with thunderclaps and lightning strikes

Oh my feet rest on one outdoor chair

While the other faces the mountains and sky

As I watch the world’s quilt be created

Resting hopeful in this darkened state

But ever awake and watchful

The pulse of the earth in my feet

Reminds me of all of which

I am connected

Hearing breathing feeling

Rising with the breath of the earth

The flow of its tides

The tremors of mountains and valleys

Where rainbows and lightning and clouds




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