shaping up, I think

So here goes, moving my exercise into this blog as well. Shaping the body as well as the mind?

I have a history of being terrible about exercise. For a park ranger, I know, ridiculous. I DO LOVE hiking, just don’t get to do it as often as I like (oh yah, park rangers push papers too-don’t fool yourselves). And I hate the gym. With a complete revulsion I don’t even know if I can begin to explain here.

BUT, there are certain things I LOVE. When I did outrigger canoe on Maui, I was well fit. That and biking to work every day gave me back the body I had as a teenager. I could even eat Ben & Jerry’s now and then. Ah, the days…

So now? I swim. The community pool is going to close for the summer next week, and this saddens me. But I can still travel 1/2 hr up the road to go to a beautiful little old hot springs resort that has a pool. I am, on this, one of my days off, going to make it there this afternoon.

WHY NOT HIKE, you silly RANGER? Well, I kind of annihilated my feet last week doing that selfsame thing. It’s also still very hot here and the air quality from a local fire is not superb. (The fire is not in the vicinity of the pool). I am hoping to heal my feet over these next 2 days, then get going on that next weekend. Oh, yah, and when I do, look out. There may even be pictures.

So blogging about exercise keeps me authentic. If I SAY I’m going to do it, the likelihood is, I will. Which is why I’m inspired to shake off my suit (which I DID use last night, btw), and head parts north. See you.


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