about, parts per million

I rarely post prose or much personal here. But when I do, boy, do I go for it. Maybe. I have yet to test my absolute limits.

OK though, really. I’ve been keeping up (or attempting to) 3 other blogs: a journal that only friends can read, a book club, and an “exercise” blog. I’ve finally decided all these different things are not separate entities I created. They ARE me, and I will attempt to do my best to meld these into one. (The book club wasn’t really working anyway. Some people joined, and repeatedly liked posts, but never posted. Why is that? That is not a club. It is a one-woman rant. Hence my point. Hence this.)

I know there is a lot I could do to make my blog “better”. I could add pictures to posts for one. Let’s just confess now: I’m lazy. And the point of this blog was to get my a$$ writing everyday. Or wait, if my a$$ could write, now that would be something, wouldn’t it? So I’m rarely in the mood to post pictures. Because that takes time away from writing, which means less time I’m also fixing food or getting ready for work the next day. Man, I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have kids. Except the 36 year old who occasionally interrupts me with his musings. Man, I wish he’d write more.

So I would have to find photos I LIKE (I take a ton, but they are mostly landscapes, and let’s face it, we’ve all seen enough of those).

I originally started this blog so any woman could join, which is why I don’t have my name here. Now, I don’t think I can change the name without rigmarole and then having to start over again. No thanks (did you read the part about I’m LAZY?!).

So what gets me to write everyday…this little place where I can go, where even if I am renting a dumpy little house that just happens to be in a beautiful little space on a very hot part of the earth (this time of year at least), I can imagine I am right up in those backyard mountains, soaring like a red tail hawk. (Hey I’m allowed run on sentences every once in a bit. Why? Because it’s my bloody blog, that’s why.)

I don’t really know why I’m writing this…except to practice writing. I just needed to let a little bit out. Now you’ll see more seams unraveling…be afraid. Very.



One thought on “about, parts per million

  1. Good for you! Part of this whole process is letting go and allowing the creative part of ourselves inform the path(s) we need to take. Figuring out what is working and what is not. Being willing to share part of ourselves with strangers-that is scary!

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