starry soul

Ah at peace and finally

When I write about the cinema

I am able to attend

And at that, with friends!

It is a glorious night as the

Purple orange sky kisses the Sierra


And I wish for all the wonders in the world

To alight

I roll to the theater

There is a theater in this wild place–this is madness

But the kind of madness I am used to

The kind of lunacy that makes me tick

Mosaics of time painted on the walls

And folks with cowboy hats and spurs

Await the show

While leather sandals and local t-shirts

Are the fine adornments of high society

As it exists

In the only place it can

Where the desert meets the mountains

Next to the hottest place on earth

Oh the red velvet drapes

Once embarrassed in their grandeur

Now embrace and welcome us into their heart

A few blips toward the end

This is the country after all

And nothing is accomplished

Without technical difficulty

So giddy with jitters

We await the next scene

In the car solo once more

The windows rolled down

To allow the night to roll in

I drive home

On a milky way delight

Absorbing the thrum

No music not this time

Wind through my hair and fingers

From one magic moment to the next

Did I really transfer from one paradise

To another

And what do I do with these precious gifts received?

I breathe.


3 thoughts on “starry soul

  1. A very different experience to the MultiPlex – maybe another dimension even. An eloquent and enjoyable read thank you. Well executed.

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