FWF last week


There is the prompt, and I am over a week late, but so it goes. Camping and hiking,etc.

Were I to have an amazing experience and forget it altogether would I? Meet Amelia Earhart for instance, go on a fantastic plane ride around the world, and know nothing of it the next day?

I would…and why?

I am so fortunate, and grateful, and I realize this EVERY day. I have had some amazing experiences in my 35+ years on this planet and sometimes it feels as though those happened to other people, not to me. Sometimes I wish I could still be living somewhere amazing, like Hawai’i or Europe, then I remember that even though my present surroundings aren’t perfect, I still get to go to interesting places as a park ranger. And while some of the goals I have not yet accomplished loom ahead of me, I don’t ever wish to be anyone other than who I am.

I also have really crazy amazingly vivid dreams. Sometimes I wake up, and don’t remember the dream at all, but am in a fantastically great mood. It’s a motivator. Today such an event caused me to get up and walk.  I’ll go where I usually go with this and start on the poem now…not much else to say that prose can carry for me.

Pitching and rolling

This foamy voyage

Is not one I imagined

But here we are

With the roiling sea

And your eyes

Challenging me

Give it all up

I think

Dive in and swim to shore

It is safe there but

There is no adventure

This moment is where I belong

Dearest we’ve made it this far

And yet I imagined it all

And you created it

And with a poof and a wish

I blew it all away

There is a face in my head

No one I have ever seen

Is this you

I have a vague memory

Of a voyage I never took

Storms but skies miraculous

You know this rainbow

Is a memory speaking to me

But its colors are hard to read

And I am wondering

Who is hiding behind

And if I should search

For what I may never find.


6 thoughts on “FWF last week

  1. The poem reads like a dream! I am an admirer of Amelia so thanks for conjuring her up. Thanks also for sharing about yourself. Wait until you hit your fifth decade… I feel like I have been ten different people! Great ride so far even if parts were quite yucky.

  2. A park ranger? Seriously, do you have any idea how I would give an arm and a leg to be able to be that close to nature on a regular basis? I would!!!! Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on my blog 😀 Wanted to come by and hoorayy a fellow tribe enthusiast 😀

    • I am a park ranger, but I spend my time “in the city” in between gigs. This is a necessity, but it drives me nearly mad. I am always so grateful to go home. So yes, I know I am very fortunate. It’s just the inbetween that gripes me. I should not complain. 🙂

      • LOL!!! I am griping these days because I am not getting ANY green or sun or anything of nature. I am stuck in a concrete jungle … lol 😀

  3. wow. I love the preamble–and I adore the poem. “No one I have ever seen–is this you” <<just one of the great lines coined within a wild but relateable sentiment.

    I, too, have super vivid dreams–and believe they are real. These places exist–particularly the ones you revisit. This is why I am ASSURED that there is a wonderful place to which we go after all this hubub here on earth. It's cooler than you'd think! 😉

    There is a shore there–coincidentally enough. And lots of adventures!!

    • You’re completely right, of course. I’ve known lots of these things since I was a little girl–and chose to forget many. Recent life events have caused me to face these dreams head on though, and while it’s challenging, I’m grateful.

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