the politics of pizza

This has been a frequent subject in my house lately as I try to eat gluten-and-sometimes-lactose-free. So pizza has been out. Every once in awhile though we will make some from scratch which is worth the sacrifice. Not so the storebought or take-out kind. My poor not so little belly can only handle so much (hence the carb avoidance).

Last night thought I was talking in the kitchen, with family, as one does. Politics came up (thankfully we are mostly on the same page here). As I stared at the pizza board it occurred to me.

“Politics is like pizza.” I said. (Worried looks from the peanut gallery).

“No really,” I continued, “You know there are times you really shouldn’t eat it at all. There are things in there you don’t want. Or you might be more of a bell pepper person but this one has extra anchovies. So ultimately, you choose the slice that best represents you. It may not be exactly what you want, but at least you get some of what you think you need.”

Food for thought…or not?


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