dead end

We’ve been down this road

Many times before

Only this time

There is no way out

Nothing I can say

Nothing you can do

To make it better

No more hope

That things will change

Only one thing remains

And that is the love

That once bound us together

Now the love

Has been put away

Locked in where it cannot decay

But neither can it flourish

Tarnished heart

Without the courage

Things may be different one day

But for now it is the same

This road ends

But there is a fork

And it goes two ways.


3 thoughts on “dead end

  1. Oh my! This is highly personal to me having experience the dead end and the fork in the road 6 years ago. I did not know where the path would take me at the time. But I hung on. It has been a worthy journey in spite of the rough road.

    I have missed your posts!

  2. Good for you! When I went away hiking for a week, I purposely was unplugged. My head cleared among other things. As a result of being “out there”, Geographical Landscape” was born! Needed to clear the clutter for creativity!

    Welcome back!

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