stormy brain: FWF 6.29


FWF prompt

The prompt is in the link after the picture.  The picture has absolutely nothing to do with the prompt, but I found the gold river of trees inspiring. I took this pic traveling to Mammoth last fall.

Oh, I cannot tell you how apropos this subject was for me this weekend: I was drowning in negativity. This is not usually like me; but several factors, including the heat, hormones, and general disgruntlement over my current life situation were burning holes in my brain. I shall henceforth attempt to put it forth in a poem, maybe it will be somewhat cathartic.

You, if I could cast out to the stormy seas

And tell you forever “let me be”

I would, and show no mock pain

If you were to drown in the constant rain

You torment my soul

And make me forget

All the things I have done

And yet, and yet

The painful reminders of where I’m still lacking

On these points you are always attacking.


You wish others to be just as miserable

You Bronte character reborn

You are neither shoddy nor shorn

But your misery

Recounts a painful neglect

And all you should ever wish to forget

Yes, drink more wine

That will wash it out

All the worry, all the doubt

Until the next morning dawns again

And you find your pain layered

And the blankets you pull around

Are not enough to protect you from the world

You, you menacing mass

You pretend to be joyous as you carry out your task

But woe to the ship sailing into your storm

Woe to your heart

Which is shattered and torn

You will not triumph

No you will only recede

Into a place of worry and need

While I am reminded the sun still shines

In in this heart find all things divine.


3 thoughts on “stormy brain: FWF 6.29

  1. Great stuff. I love the choice of negative words (menacing, shattered, torn) when speaking to the other person. I also love the lines “You torment my soul and make me forget all the things I have done.”

    Gosh, I have been there! The ending is so full of hope and healing.

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