Summer anew: FWF 6.21

This one held in the hand

Like a feather

Blew away and rested with another

This one lingered in thought and mind

Heat bearing upon the soul

And burning all that was divined

This one spent in a wood

Seeking out all the cool corners

The little spots in one’s soul

Where warm light exposes heart

This one taken to the sea

A boat a spray

Neverending glee

This one like a precious flower

As the petals fall by the hour

This one always at the fair

Joining the circus

On a dare

This one sparklers and corn dogs

Baseball and hot tar

Dunking booths


Glitter decorated spokes

With no ends

This one a watermelon

Awaits to be broken open

Shared cube by cube

A rare triumph over ice cream

This one a glittering beach

Blinding sand

Feet so hot impossible to stand

This one

This one

This one



12 thoughts on “Summer anew: FWF 6.21

  1. This is great! I absolutely love love love the idea behind it. And I’m not a big fan of rhyme for some reason but you really worked it out well. Nice job!

    • I don’t rhyme consistently. And I must confess I sometimes get irritated when it presents itself in poem, “What?! I didn’t want that to rhyme.” So I go back and forth. I too hate it when every line or every other rhymes; it often feels contrived. Thank you. 🙂

  2. I soooo wish I could rhyme. I envy those who can. Mine are always cheesy and seem to lose the effect I want it to give. 😦 But you…YOU make it work. A wonderfully cheerful piece. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Kellie and Kim. I am grateful for the inspiration your blogs provide. I never thought I’d feel so at home on a keyboard. It’s just like chatting with friends.

  4. When I was a teenager I used to write poems but today I can’t anymore. I envy you because you can express through your poems beautifully. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I wrote poetry everyday as a teenager. I gave up for about 10 years, and now I challenge myself to write a new poem every day. You might try again and see what starts flowing.

      • I think the raging hormones when your a teen makes you write something like that. Suddenly when you mature you lost those things and mellowed down or you have different priorities. But I will try your suggestions. thanks 🙂

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