Reblogging…safe or no?

Recently some of my posts have been “reblogged” by others. I don’t mind when this is a friend in my literary circle. But lately I’ve been visiting some of the pages where my work was supposedly reblogged, and not able to find it. What’s more, is the sites where it’s been reblogged claim to help me make big bucks from blogging. THAT IS NOT WHY I DO THIS.

These sites contain misspellings, poor grammar, and terrible imagery. Why would I ever want my blog to look like theirs? And why would I ever think these people could actually help make me money?

I’ve gone through settings and can’t find a way to block the reblogs. If anyone knows how, please let me know. I’m just concerned that once my work is “reblogged” God only knows where it ends up. If I figure out a way to block the reblogs, I will. And if you want to share my work, just ask. I don’t mind as long as you cite the source.

Happy Solstice,




3 thoughts on “Reblogging…safe or no?

  1. I don’t use WP…not yet anyways…but is there maybe a setting like the comments where it has to be okayed by you first before it reblogs?

    • I’ve tried to find that setting. Right now I can respond by marking the reblog as spam…but…I’d like to have that option. Just like I approved your comment. Your comments are always approve-able though. 🙂

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